Richard Kearney

Dick Kearney came to Telluride in 2000 from Naples, FL along with his wife Barbara, two sons Hagen(15) and Harry(14) and two daughters Sarah(21)and Brett Madden (28). Dick, a native of Pennsylvania, is a graduate of Penn State University School of Horticulture. Dick worked as the Assistant Horticulturist at the San Diego Zoo in the late 1980’s, managed his own Landscape Design and Build firm in San Diego, CA and in Pennsylvania, and worked as the Sales and Marketing Director for W.R. Case and Sons Cultery Co. in the 1990’s. Dick and Barbara work developing substance abuse education and prevention programs via the Walrus Foundation, a family foundation they started in 1998. They have initiated programs in schools in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Dick is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, an avid fisherman and loves living in the spiritual San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.