Harley Brooke-Hitching

Harley Brooke-Hitching
It was with great joy that I accepted a seat on the Board of the Mountain School.Part of my schooling had been at a small, and at that time, young, independent school lauded for its academics, testing, and college admissions. When I returned 15 years later to accept the “Outstanding Graduate” award, I spoke graciously of the school while realizing that it had taken 10 years to counteract the excruciating experience. Therefore, I suppose it could be said that the school is responsible for the exciting twists and turns of my life, but isn’t there a better way?

I have watched the formation and growth of the Mountain School with admiration since Peter Stewart, former Head of School, crossed my path many years ago. When my god-daughter transferred to the school, I was moved by her countenance and optimism within this special environment. The leadership and focus of the parents contribute greatly to this extraordinary school; the experience the Board brings is invigorating; the head of school and faculty incite aspiration and confidence; and the setting, down to our school bus, is pure Telluride. Reflected in our school are the mountains and all that they represent. My job is to increase our financial base.

Formal Education: England, US, France, Italy
Business: Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Bangkok, East Harlem, Telluride
Public Service:

Commissioner, City of New York, Giuliani Admin.
Telluride Town Council, Planning & Zoning, HARC

Not for Profit: Outward Bound, USA, Board Member
Manhattan Institute, New York City, Board Member
City Harvest, New York City, Founding Chairman
One to One, Telluride, Trustee
Telluride Mountain School, Trustee