Casey McManemin

Casey McManemin is a long-time second homeowner who knows the Telluride community especially well, having lived here full-time with his wife Megan and their three daughters in 2001-02.  Casey has watched with interest as the Mountain School has grown over the years.  As the product of an independent school education himself, he views the Mountain School as an asset to the community, one he would like to support as it moves towards sustainability.

Casey is a native and resident of Dallas, and CEO of Dorchester Minerals Management, an oil and gas concern.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, and before that of St. Mark’s School in Dallas, a 100-year-old independent day school, with enrollment of about 850 boys in grades one through twelve.  Casey has served on the St. Mark’s Board of Trustees since 1994, playing significant roles in regards to head search and capital fundraising.