Anne Brown

Anne Brown joined the Mountain School board as a trustee in the summer of 2004, having been actively involved with the Mountain School since her first child enrolled in 1999. In her years as trustee, Anne served in various roles including Vice President, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair, Committee on Trustees Chair, Communications Committee Chair, 2009 Interim Head Search Committee Chair, and 2011 Head Search Committee Chair. Her role shifted to advisory trustee in 2011 and she continues to serve on the Finance Committee.

Anne works as a focus group moderator for JSC Consumer Insights in New York, telecommuting from her home office in Telluride. In addition to her work with the Mountain School, Anne currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Yale University Alumni Fund and the Parents’ Committee at The Taft School. She is a graduate of Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT, and received her B.A. in Economics, cum laude, from Yale University.

Anne is married to Toby Brown, a former Mountain School trustee and local realtor. Their two sons, Sandy and Robert, were fortunate to spend their formative years as students at Telluride Mountain School, enrolled for a cumulative total of 20 years.