Paul Hearding

Paul is an avid mathematician and outdoorsman – an unlikely combo that makes the Telluride Mountain School a perfect fit for him! He received his master’s degree in pure mathematics from the University of Delaware in 2014, and he is currently working on his dissertation in the field of Algebra. While he thoroughly enjoys being a student himself, Paul’s true passions lie in teaching mathematics and helping students appreciate the beauty in the subject.

He has nourished his love for the outdoors by going on annual, two-month-long hiking trips in Colorado and Montana, making the journey from his previous home on the east coast each time. (It was on one of these trips that he first encountered Telluride!) He loves to hike, raft, bike, camp, skate and snowboard. When he’s not outside, he’s either teaching, sleeping or watching football. Despite having never lived in Ohio, Paul has been a die-hard Bengals fan since he was old enough to realize their helmets featured tiger stripes.

Paul is thrilled to be a part of the TMS community, where he can share his love for mathematics and help foster a positive environment for kids through outdoor activities.