Emily Durkin

reallifephotographs_day3(371)Emily Durkin has been a lead instructor in the Outward Bound Wilderness School in Ely MN. She has worked summers at this program since 2009 while earning her Masters of Education, Curriculum & Instruction in the residency program at Islandwood, Bainbridge Island, WA.  In Emily’s last year at Islandwood, she served as the Associate Program Coordinator for the Islandwood School Overnight Program.

Prior to her work with Islandwood, Emily was a middle school science/math teacher at an independent school in MD.  Emily has packed a great deal of classroom and outdoor experience into her 8 years since graduating college.  Additionally she has pursued significant volunteer opportunities with AmeriCorp in SC, and the Pacific Science Center in WA.  Emily looks forward to bringing her experiences to the classroom, outdoor/experiential program, and our community.