Upcoming Spring Experiential Trips

Each spring the Telluride Mountain School sends its students out into the greater world for their experiential education programs.  These programs range from 3 days for the first and second grade students to 3 weeks for the ninth through 12th grade students.  While out on their experiential education programs, students immerse themselves in place-based learning opportunities that bring education to life.

This year the students will be participating in the following programs:

1/2 – Dinosaur Discovery in Fruita, CO
3/4 – Desert Adaptations in Moab, UT
5/6 – Ancients of the Southwest; Past and Present in the Four Corners Region
7/8 – Civil Rights in the Southern US
9/10 – Biodiversity, Spanish Immersion and Costa Rican Culture in Costa Rica
11/12 – Ecological Restoration, Climate Change and Chilean Culture in Patagonia

These experiences offer TMS students the ability to be first hand observers, researchers and explorers.  They help form lasting bonds between classmates, teachers and people they meet along their travels.  They inspire debate, action and further research, which students undertake upon their return to TMS in the form of an immersion project.  And perhaps most importantly these trips teach the students to be active, respectful travelers, critical thinkers and global citizens rather than passive tourists.