TMS Alumni Gather for College Symposium

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Five TMS alumni gathered the last week of school to talk to upper school students about their college experience and give them a few pieces of advice.


Although it seems pretty intuitive, it was unanimous that actually going to class was a success factor. The alums stressed the importance of utilizing office hours, talking to professors, doing homework, self motivating, and sitting in the front of classroom.

The alumni also talked about some of  their decisions to take a gap year, change their majors, or  transfer colleges mid-year to a school that better fit their interests or social profiles.

When asked how TMS prepared them for life outside of the box canyon, a few common themes ran deep. TMS had prepared them as travelers, independent and critical thinkers, writers and relationship-builders.

You will excel above your college classmates in writing.

TMS students focus a considerable amount of time writing essays, and although it may seem a bit torturous at times, every single alum said that they excelled above their college classmates in writing.

The immersion and experiential education trips had prepared them as independent thinkers and global travelers. Camilla Gardner recently took a gap year and traveled around Europe; she attributes the class trips to preparing her to study abroad and embrace her independence.

Makenna Craig talked about outdoor education, which gave her an additional skill set with the opportunity to lead outdoor trips with confidence and enthusiasm. Sara Friedberg also leveraged her outdoor skills and was hired to run outdoor trips at her school.  And from a social perspective, the alumni all agreed that TMS had taught them how to develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

All around, the college symposium was a great opportunity to hear success stories from former classmates and learn about travels, challenges and life choices.

Camilla Gardner just finished a gap year studying art history in Italy and completing a teacher training course in yoga; she will be attending Colorado College this fall. Sara Friedberg recently graduated from Whitman College with a degree in geology. Chase Lambert is currently studying film and nordic studies at CU Boulder; Makenna Craige is currently a sophomore at University of Puget Sound in Washington; and Bobbie Coonie is a junior majoring in engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.