Stargazing and Tomboy!

This fall the first and second grade students embarked on an overnight adventure that included stargazing, an in-school sleepover and an exciting jeep trip to the town of Tomboy!

Every year on this trip, students gain experience with outdoor education through a sleepover and local history tour. This fall trip also set the tone for our Ski P.E. program as well as our spring outdoor education trip by providing students the opportunity to practice responsibility with gear and packing appropriate clothing.

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Additionally, the fall trip incorporated science and social studies units for the first trimester. First and second graders learned to use an high powered telescope with a local astronomer guide to build on their universe studies of galaxies, stars, and the solar system.

The jeep tour to the town of Tomboy allowed students to apply their studies of Telluride history and the mining roots of a historical western town.

Finally, the fall outdoor trip provided first and second grader students with a growth experience where friendships with both teachers and classmates were strengthened.

-Jordan Burlison
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher