Patent Pending

Thanks to Genius Hour, a rising fifth grade student has a Patent Pending!

Last fall, the third and fourth grade teacher Ben Gardner, brought Genius Hour to TMS. Genius Hour, a concept originating at Google, allowed employees time to research and develop individual projects to help foster creativity and innovation.

Recently, the concept was introduced into the classroom to allow students time to foster their own creativity and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Once a week, the third and fourth grade class had time to work on their own Genius Hour projects with the end goal of not only presenting their creative work to their classmates and parents but to ultimately develop skills, interests and innovation in areas that students might otherwise not learn in a classroom setting.

All of the projects may not have ended in perfect execution, but the process helped students understand and develop their own interests, fail without consequences, and practice trial and error.

Over the course of the year, students worked on projects such as fashion design, computer

coding, website development, stop-motion filming, screenwriting, rocketry, and a wide spectrum of other topics.

IMG_2346 Reeve using 1(2) IMG_2348

And most recently, a rising fifth grade student has a patent pending!

Reeve Johnson spent most of the school year developing a magnetic desk/shelf that some of the students used in the great room (you may have seen it in the hallway) Reeve made two prototypes in the process and added a number of features; a cup holder, a light and a level indicator. With the help of a patent lawyer, Reeve filed a ten page document with mechanical drawings and photos…The patent lawyer is optimistic that it will get approved!

Hats off to Ben Gardner for bringing Genius Hour to TMS!  For the 2017-18 school year, Ben will offer Genius Hour to the fifth and sixth grades as well as the third and fourth.