Consistently Embodying Our Core Values

At the end of each school year, the faculty selects three students to receive the Founders Award. This award is given to students who best exemplify the school’s core values: Respect, Love of Learning, Responsibility and Integrity. This year, the winners were Mollie McTigue, Jula Cieciuch  and Cody Krueger.

Mollie Jula Founders Award Cody

Below is an excerpt from Mollie McTigue’s speech.

I have a younger sister Belle who was diagnosed with type one diabetes. This year she has shown courage and bravery and that she is the toughest person I have ever met. She has also shown me what love of learning and love of Mountain School really looks like. When my sister was in the hospital all she wanted to do was go back to school, learn, see her friends and see the community. The day she came home, members of Mountain School had made a huge card in the form of a banner that was hung on our garage door. We hung it in our kitchen and Belle won’t let my mom recycle it…Just like she won’t let her recycle spelling tests or any school work…Belle, I share this award with you, Your constant optimistic attitude is inspiring. You show me that we need to appreciate what we have and that every moment is a new opportunity to make a change.“… to read Mollie’s entire speech please click here