Ancients of the Southwest

The 5th and 6th grade class embarked on a journey through the ancient mesas and canyons of the Southwest for their experiential education trip this spring.

Students explored the history of the area and the cultures of the ancient people who once lived DSC_0081in the cliffs and canyons of our rugged surrounding landscape. They experienced first hand how the Anasazi and Navajo people lived, they learned to weave baskets while camping at Mesa Verde and practiced weaving a traditional Navajo rug by using a Navajo-made loom.

In Canyon de Chelly, they stayed in a traditional hogan that was over 100 years old and shared food with their camp host, whose family lived in the canyon for generations. They also took a  jeep tour through Canyon de Chelly with Navajo guides, a place off-limits to outsiders because it is where many Navajo still live today.

DSC_0091The students reconnected with friends at The St. Michael’s Association for Special Education, a school for disabled Navajo children. The visit was particularly special because each year, the 5th and 6th graders ski with St. Michael’s in partnership with Telluride Adaptive Sports Program.

Students used their experiences on the trip to focus on immersing themselves in a topic of choice, which they will present in an expo at the end of the school year.

Written by Jacqui Power, Trip Leader and 5th and 6th Grade Teacher.

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