Tuition & Billing


The school culture holds high expectations for student achievement and provides guidance for each child to meet and exceed personal and program goals. In addition to a traditional core curriculum of language arts, math, science and social studies, students participate in comprehensive arts, technology and foreign language study. Integrated studies with a strong emphasis on critical thought, discussion, self expression and individual interests promote a lifelong love of learning.

Grades 1-12 Grade Level Annual Tuition
Grades 1-4 $19,900
Grades 5-6 $22,900
Grades 7-8 $22,900
Grades 9-12 $24,900
Preschool/Kindergarten Program Annual Tuition
3-Day Morning Program – 3 hours $5,660
3-Day Primary Program – 3 hours $7,050
4-Day Morning Program – 5 hours $6,490
4-Day Primary Program – 6 hours $7,930- $9,400
5-Day Primary Program – 5 hours $9,700
5-Day Primary Program – 6 hours $11,800
Kindergarten Program – 6 hours $11,800

Application Fee (for first time enrollment):


Non-Refundable Deposit

A non-refundable registration deposit of $1,000.00 is due and payable on or before February 28th, to reserve a place for a re-enrolling student and within two weeks of receipt for new students.


Tuition includes all classroom supplies, both durable and consumable, but not laptop computers.

Co-Curricular Fees

The costs of fall multi-day outdoor education field trips are included in the tuition fees. A portion of the cost of spring multi-day experiential trips is also included. However, of the total costs of experiential trips, approximately half must be covered by the families. Fundraising opportunities will be provided and guided by the School. Modest fees may be also charged for off-campus excursions.

Ski Program

The fees for the optional in-house winter sports program are charged separately, and are in addition to tuition charges. Lift tickets are not included and there may be modest transportation charges.

Financial Aid

Telluride Mountain School seeks to enroll families that, above all, embrace the school’s mission and culture. In order to promote socio-economic diversity, the school offers a financial aid program for qualified families. Families applying for assistance are asked to complete the Parent Financial Statement, which is provided and reviewed by School and Student Services for Financial Aid, an organization providing financial aid services to independent schools and their families. Please notify the school if you wish to apply for financial aid.

Billing for Grades 1-12

Tuition may be paid in one payment due in July, or two payments due in July and September. Monthly billing over ten months from July through April is available and subject to a $20 monthly processing fee. Tuition may be paid by check, automatic withdrawal or credit card.

Billing for Montessori at Mountain School (preschool and kindergarten)

Tuition may be paid in one payment due in August, or two payments due in August and January. Monthly billing over ten months from August through May is available and subject to a $50 annual processing fee. Tuition may be paid by check, automatic withdrawal or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to a handling fee to cover the associated expenses. Upon enrollment, the school provides a billing preference form.