Community Science Explores Energy

DSC_0364In the last two weeks of February the 9th and 10th grade students participated in an Energy Unit for their Community Science class. Community Science is an experiential educational unit that incorporates field trips, presentations from industry professionals and classwork into an in depth look at energy. The Energy Unit focused on the lifecycle of energy from extraction or construction to consumption, renewable energy vs. non-renewable energy and the pros and cons of different energy sources. The field trips took us to the Ouray Hydro Plant, Norwood’s new solar farm and the Nucla New Horizon Coal Mine and Power Plant. DSC_0393

For their final project students were split into teams, each of which represented a different source of energy. These groups presented on what percentage of the San Miguel energy portfolio their energy source should occupy in San Miguel county in 10 years. This presentation took place in front of a guest panel composed of our county commissioners Kris Holstrom and Hilary Cooper as well as Kim Wheels of EcoAction Partners.

DSC_0357Special Thanks to the following people for helping to make this unit possible. Kim Wheels, Paul Hora, Ted Brewster, Ben Gardner, Hilary Cooper, Kris Holstrom, Greg Keller, Eric Jacobsen and everyone at the Nucla New Horizon Mine and Power Plant!

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