Third & Fourth Grade Spring Trip to Moab


The 2017 Experiential Education trip to Moab was incredible! This trip provided the students with look in to the past and new worlds that were unimaginable just days before.

The trip started off with a stop in Paradox Valley to talk about the regional geology. Then it was on to Arches National Park for some desert landscape water coloring. This activity offered the students an opportunity to really look at the amazing sedimentary structures in the park. After a quick dinner at Eddy McStiff’s, the group gathered in the cabins for evening activities.

The next morning the students set out for their desert Pothole hike with Dr. Tim. Once on site at the potholes, they collected a multitude of aquatic species and identified them. Dr. Tim then showed them how quickly these pot holes could come alive by pouring water over a dry one and immediately sampling some mites from along the edge.

The next morning, it was time for rafting. Ominous clouds collected over Moab and the Colorado River as we made our way to the put-in. This was to be a mighty adventure through high winds, rain, and rapids. The class made it through their mighty challenge and headed for the hot tub.

The final morning was spent at the youth garden project. Our return home was marked by a blizzard, but all the students made it home safe and sound as better people and classmates than when we left four days earlier.

Written by Ben Gardner, Trip Leader and Third and Fourth Grade Teacher.

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